Thursday, 11 February 2016

1st - Who Am I and why I am here.

Will I lose some weight?! That's the question I ask myself everyday...

Hello! Nice to meet you!

My name is Andreia. I'm 27 years old, happily married, and I've being in Liverpool almost for 2 years. I'm from Brazil, and I move here to stay close to the one I love. I like my life here, but I still don't know a lot of people. Sometimes is hard.  When you have people around you with things in common, everything start to be easier. And that's the reason I am starting this blog. To know people in the same situation as I am, and try to support and share the experience in that "over weight life".

My weight now is  87,5kg (almost 14 stones, or 193 pounds). Is not my biggest weight, but is not my best either. 

Five years ago I started a diet and a blog (with the same name, but in portuguese) and I lost 21kg with the help of other bloggers. I was very heavy, with almost 100kg (98kg to be more precise - or 220 pounds, 16 stones)  and I start a diet and exercises. Then I met a blogger when I was with 90kg and started my own page. In December of 2013 I was with 69 kg (10,8 stones - 152 pounds). Then I moved to Liverpool in March of 2014 and all my life change! The weather, the lack of friends, the distance between me and my family, gave me reasons (or not!) to gain all the weight back.

May 2011 - September 2013

Miss you 69kg!

Now I have some new friends, I'm more used to the weather, and most of it, I know I need to be healthy. I want to be pride of myself again, and be better everyday. Have that same satisfaction I had when I lost all the weight. Feel more confident, start to like myself in my clothes and stop use bigger clothes to try hide my curves. 

I have a long way ahead, but everything need a start. This is me now, and I want to be a little bit like me back then. Not anyone else. No unrealistic plans, no crazy diets. Just be the better version of myself. Wish me luck!

all the weight back :/

The next post I will talk about my health cookery classes and what is the master plan to go back to my 69kg (my goal is 65kg).

Thank you for the reading, and see you!


  1. Hello Andréia, I'm Eduardo, I think you rememeber me..
    So, it is never to late to start again, and if we want something we have to try over and over again,how much times we need.
    Go ahead and reach the personagem you are used to be.

    And about the english blog, I really like it!! :))

    Hugs and never give up!

  2. Reach the person* It was the corrector, sorry ;)

  3. Reach the person* It was the corrector, sorry ;)


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